Thank you for your interest in applying to be part of the Architectural Gardens team! Please use our application to apply for any of the jobs listed by clicking the button below. We’re happy to take applications even if a job is not available. We’ll keep it on file for 90 days and will certainly let you know if an appropriate position opens up.


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Available Jobs


  • Landscape/Hardscape-Laborer

    Job Overview:

    Full-Time (Year-round) position; May transition between Hardscape and Softscape, perform Lawn Maintenance and Snow Management services

    This is an entry-level position where qualifications are primarily focused on attitude and work ethic of the candidate as we heavily focus on delivering exceptional quality and on providing an excellent customer experience to our clients.


    Responsibilities and Duties:

    Candidates will be responsible for the cultivation and care of landscaping for our clients as well as for hardscape project work. Including (but not limited to):

    ·        Mowing, trimming, weeding, edging

    ·        Planting, mulching, tree pruning

    ·        Water plants and grass as needed and apply fertilizer.

    ·        Fall leaf removal

    ·        Winter snow removal and salting

    ·        Installation of hardscape design: rock, cement, lighting, water, and furniture.



    Candidates with experience in the “green industry” is helpful, but not required.

    Additional Qualifications:


    ·        Experience providing quality work and customer service

    ·        Ability to work well as part of a team

    ·        Must be dependable to work M-F 8-5

    ·        Ability to work quickly and efficiently

    ·        Candidates must possess good ethics and integrity

    ·        Ability to take directions from Managers/Crew Leaders

    ·        Candidates must have a valid driver license and reliable transportation

    ·        Must be able to stand/walk for an 8-hour shift, consistently lift to 50lbs

    ·        Ability to operate various landscaping equipment: lawn mowers, pruners, blowers, etc.

  • Landscape/Hardscape Crew Leader

    Summary: The successful candidate should be able to read plans, complete layout, understand and adhere to budgets, and be knowledgeable of a wide variety of construction equipment and methods.

    Responsibilities and Duties:

    The Crew Leader position is responsible for overseeing the work of a 2 to 6-member crew in order to ensure the proper, efficient, and timely completion of installation projects keeping with Architectural Garden’s highest standards of quality, workmanship, and professionalism.

    Additional responsibilities:

    Customer and quality focus

    • Effective communication skills (both verbal and written)
    • Positive teamwork
    • Being on time and dependable
    • Ability to work quickly and efficiently
    • Ethics and integrity
    • Ability to take directions from Managers
    • Ability to give directions to Crew Members as well as train new team members
    • Assist the Manager to ensure quality residential and commercial project construction within the budgeted hours/cost.
    • Willingness to accept responsibility
    • Lead by example
    • Oversee your landscape equipment and handle your materials with care.
    • Lead and guide the crew in the Manager’s absence.


     Completion of high school or GED, vocational, or technical training

    • Proficient in reading and interpreting blueprints and landscape plans for both commercial and residential landscape projects.
    • Knowledge of proper safety and landscape installation techniques
    • Ability to work both independently with little supervision, and as part of a team
    • Ability to pass a drug test and background check
    • Must possess a valid driver’s license