The Best Gardens Columbus has to Offer

One of the best ways to spark new ideas for your backyard is to visit your fellow gardeners’ landscapes.  Thankfully, there are many opportunities to travel around the greater Columbus area to see what other builders have done to make their own perfect gardenscape.  These home and garden tours usually last a few hours and put you face-to-face with the homeowners and professional gardeners who will help expand your breadth of knowledge. Take advantage of the open door to ask questions, learn from their experience and create new ideas.

Most tours feature the beautiful gardens of Columbus natives looking to showcase their perfect landscapes. However, some tours may focus on specific topics such as vegetable plots, water features, herbs and eco-gardening. On these tours you can expect to meet experts, see examples and walk away with the knowledge you need to take your landscape to the next level.

Stay up to date with all the Home & Garden tours this year: Columbus Alive. We’ll see you there!


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