Build your Garden Part 1: Building Up

Who doesn’t like having a garden, flower bed, or landscape that is the talk of the neighborhood? The Build you Garden series will highlight a unique way to build your garden in a way that will set it apart from the average garden.  This week we will feature the element of vertical space.

Many gardens are held down by gravity, but there are many ways you can expand upwards to build something that will truly turn heads. Here are a few ways you can make your landscape a vertical sensation.

1. Hanging baskets:

These simple flower pots can either be purchased, or created at home. Installation is easy, and there are a variety of ways to display these pots. From your deck you can install hanging mounts on support beams, or you can have free-standing shepard’s hooks that can be used virtually anywhere.


2. Trellises and Arches:

By accompanying a flower that will thrive, grow, and expand up a vertical space and a well placed trellis you can have a very striking element in your yard.  Trellises and arches take a bit more planning and commitment, but if maintained properly they can be a great addition to your outdoor repertoire.

The following flowers are well-known vertical element companions, and grow great in Ohio:

– Morning Glory

– Trumpet Vine

– Clematis


3. Build multi-tier beds:

This more elaborate element can be achieved either by building wooden boxes, or landscaping with masonry features.  Try to have at least 3-4 tiers to give a good platform for many different types of flowers.  When the flowers are in full bloom, a multi-tier bed will be a great talking piece.

Vertical elements require a bit more finesse, but give your landscape a luxury look that is eye catching. Added depth is just one of the many features that is provided from a vertical element.  Taking time to work in a vertical piece will give your landscape the edge that it needs to be the talk of the town.


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